Why I'm a nurse

As a little girl, I had a significant interest in medicine. I loved to fix other people's boo boo's.
As I grew to preteen years, I started to volunteer as a candy striper at local nursing homes. I really enjoyed helping the elderly and seeing them smile, knowing that they're lives were meek at that current moment in time. It was then that I had watched my first death. I was scared but also very intrigued. For months all I could think about was how that person's last days of life could have been better.
During my teenage years, I became distracted with life but never forgot about my life's dream....To become a nurse..
When the timing was right in my life, I attended a local University and graduated with my RN. I further pursued my education to obtain my MSN...boy was that a regret. And you'll soon see why.

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  1. Well, you've told us why you're here. Now tell us The Rest of the Story. Please.

    And notice the unexpected; a follower before the blog. Hmmmm.